Culture 10/24/2025 STEEL ARENA 8:00 PM

Elán will play in Košice after 7 long years.

Group leader Jožo Ráž will celebrate his birthday at the concert.
It's decided - the band Elán has confirmed their concert in Košice's Steel Arena. She chose the date more than appropriate, on the day of the concert, October 24, the main character of the band, Jožo Ráž, will celebrate her birthday. Elán will perform with the Elán 70 program and the clear message "Celebrations continue". The decision to perform in the largest hockey hall in eastern Slovakia was made mainly so that Elán could satisfy all Slovak fans who did not have time to buy tickets for 3 consecutive concerts in Bratislava. The pre-sale started on May 26, 2024 exclusively on the Ticketportal.sk 

The band managed to sell out the previously announced three indoor concerts in Bratislava and two in the O2 arena in Prague within a few weeks. Now the band has decided to take a step that perhaps no fan would have hoped for. On October 24, 2025, Elán 70 will arrive at Košice's Steel Arena with its program. The leader of the group celebrates his birthday on the same day.

"I really like Košice fans and Easterners in general, and when I realized that we haven't played there for 7 years and at the same time it is possible to go there on the same day as my birthday, I was very "broken". And so I am sending you a message: It has been decided - we will arrive and I am very much looking forward to seeing you, celebrations with the Easterners are always worth it" Jožo Ráž comments on this decision.

"We will play the program Elán 70 and because it is problematic for many fans to travel from Košice to Bratislava and even more fans did not even have time to buy tickets to Bratislava, the whole band is ready to play an unforgettable concert - in short, the celebrations continue and Košice, as the only city in eastern Slovakia, can host this program to experience with us" adds Jano Baláž, adding that it is really special and the band has no plans for any other Slovak city.

The group Elán was founded in 1968. They have released fifteen studio albums, five English albums and a number of compilations, the sales of which earned them an incredible 25 platinum records. About 100,000 fans did not miss Elán's concert at Letná, in 2007 they also sold out the famous Carnegie Hall in New York. The pillars of the band are Jožo Ráž (vocals, bass guitar) and Jano Baláž (vocals, guitar). One of the founders of the band Vašo Patejdl (keyboards, vocals) died last year in August. Elán last gave a concert in 2018, when he ended his spectacular Czechoslovak indoor and open air tour full of visual effects and projections in the sold-out Prague O2 arena. In the spring of 2024, after 5 years, the group released a new single - Touch me again, which immediately after the announcement became another Elánov hit.

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