Pre-entry information

Dear visitors,

In order to assure continuity of our events, we would like to ask you for observance of the following instructions:

Restricted entry with guns
and dangerous objects

All entering visitors will pass safety check with removal of dangerous objects that will not be returned. Retained objects will be stored in special tanks and later delivered to waste collector. Definitely don´t take umbrellas, metallic, sharp or wooden object with you as well as bikes, baby carriages, roller skates or other transport means.

Organizers will remove eventual entertainment pyrotechnics or other objects that would endanger other visitors´ health or damage interior equipment of STEEL ARÉNA.

You will not be allowed with food nor any, event OVC bottle. However, you will be able to get refreshment – there are a few buffets, bars, restaurants directly in the Arena, as well as beverage and snack automats. 


Restricted smoking

Strict smoking prohibition applies to entire object! Smoking is only allowed during breaks  outside in front of central entrance.


Further information can be found on reverse side of Ticketportal ticket. Please pay attention to these instructions.

How to pass through the turnstile


Passing is disabled when a red cross lights on the turnstile.


Insert your ticket in the turnstile slot (until the red light is on) with barcode up.


Green arrow lights on after successful verification of your ticket with text appearing on the display „PASS ALLOWED“ and mechanical ramp will allow 1 person to pass through.

Košická aréna

Nerudova 12
040 01 Košice

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