HAVASI Symphonic

Culture 11/11/2023 STEEL ARENA 8:00 PM

After extremely successful concerts in Wembley Arena in London, Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Carnegie Hall in New York, HAVASI Symphonic Concert Show will take place for the first time in the Slovak Republic, Košice on 11.11.2023 in Steel Arena. Official tickets are available exclusively at Ticketportal URL(TBD).

The program is filled with 100% original works by one of the most fascinating and versatile young composers today, HAVASI. His innovative music is unlike anything you've heard before; it's fresh, passionate and fun at the same time.

An incredible musical journey
Unlike anything you've seen

HAVASI Symphonic is a musical performance that has to be experienced to be believed. The original program includes a solo piano, a full symphony orchestra, a rock band, soloists of world music who have gathered together on one stage. The artists take the audience to an exciting atmosphere where different musical scenes unfold exploring different emotions and moods, all enhanced by the latest technologies in sound, stage and lighting.

Piano virtuoso
Like no one else

A graduate of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, classically trained piano virtuoso HAVASI has established himself as one of today's most diverse and exciting young artists, thrilling audiences and selling out stadiums around the world.

HAVASI sold out concert halls and arenas around the world, with more than 500,000 tickets sold. Among many others, Wembley Arena in London, Carnegie Hall in New York, Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, The Orchard Hall in Tokyo, Sydney Opera House were all sold out.

Not just performers
But the Composer

While most other artists in the genre of modern classical music simply perform or interprets someone else's music, HAVASI plays only his own original works - each piece the audience hears is a deeply personal work as if cut from the fabric of his own heart and soul. Watching a composer perform his own music live creates a rare, powerful, even magical connection between the audience and the artist.

Classical virtuosity
she met Las Vegas Glamour

Originally conceived in collaboration with creative director Brian Burke (Céline Dion, IL Divo, America's Got Talent) and visual designer Gilles Papain (Cirque du Soleil, Opera de Marseille, Ballet de Monte Carlo), the Las Vegas-style show is a celebration of international culture. The symphonic concert show HAVASI is a captivating performance both musically and visually. His piano performance, symphony orchestra, choir, world-class soloists and vocalists come together on one stage to lead the audience through an exciting and unforgettable musical journey.


A graduate of the world-famous Franz Liszt Music Academy with a deep knowledge of the classical tradition, who also strives to make classical instruments relevant to modern times.

He performed his original compositions at some of the most prestigious concert halls, such as Carnegie Hall in New York, the Barbican in London or the Sydney Opera House.

He is one of the rare contemporary composers with rock star charisma
which can sell out huge stadiums, such as Wiener Stadthalle, Mercedes-Benz
Arena in Berlin, Tauron Arena in Krakow or Wembley Arena in London...

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