Culture 3/25/2023 STEEL ARENA 6:00 PM

CHANGE OF CONCERT DATE / More information at the end of article

We are bringing a unique event for music lovers to the metropolis of the east, KOŠICE, in the form of a chronological cross-section of the CZECH rock music scene from the 90s to the present.

Judge for yourself during the concert, which will have over three hours of pure playing time:

MICHAL PENK - A CZECHOSLOVAK LEGEND who has experienced highs and lows and after 27 years returns to the records to win your favor. His hits are already so nostalgic that they have become popular and belong in our lives. Forgive us, About the Fools, Stín, or the music for the series Boys and Guys - Má Daleká

ŠKWOR – a phenomenon of the contemporary Czech music scene, which in three years has gained amazing wind in its sails and moved to the peak of interest and attendance in our neighbors the Czech Republic, but we must also point out that in Slovakia they have more and more fans and an increasing interest in their work . Their songs are powerful and have a core and meaning. If you don't know them yet, listen to, for example, The power of old wines, You ask a million stars, You won't see my tears, Crooked look and then come and hear them live and we guarantee that you will leave the concert pleasantly surprised. In 2022, the Škwor group played amazing concerts at the TOPFEST festival or at the Old Town Festival in Žilina.

LUCIE – a constant of CZECHOSLOVAK rock music, which matures to perfection over time and you can see and feel it in their live performances. The hits they created over the decades will remain written in bold letters in historical memories. Their perfectionism and emphasis on quality is always reflected in their concerts in the form of musical, technical and visual scenery. We probably don't need to mention much about their music, but we certainly cannot fail to mention hits such as LUCIE, I want to sleep in you again, Screws to the head, Touch the fire, America.

The uniqueness of the concert will also be in visual and musical effects and technology.

Seeing once is worth writing a hundred times, that's why we invite you to this unique event.

Discounts - wheelchair user + escort €29 reserved place above sector B12

Lucie -


The concert of the bands Lucie, Škwor and Michal Penko in Košice has been moved to a new date

The current season of illnesses did not escape even the organizers of the event called Rock Christmas, which was originally supposed to take place on Saturday, December 17, 2022 in Steel Arena Košice. Due to illness, it is necessary to move the event to a new date of March 25, 2023. "We are very sorry that it is not possible to hold the concert on the original date. We worked intensively to bring the audience a high-quality program and rock fans something special in the run-up to Christmas," said the organizer.
Tickets purchased for the original date remain valid for the new date of the event. Any refund of the entrance fee due to the rescheduling of the date must be consulted with the Ticketportal seller.

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