Visiting rules

All visitors entering the object are obliged to acquaint themselves with the Visitors´ Order  and to observe its rules.

Entry is only allowed during opening hours with valid ticket or season ticket.

2. Upon organizers´ request, a visitor is obliged to show valid ticket or season ticket.

3. Children younger than 12 years of age are allowed only when accompanied by a person older than 18 years of age.

4. Persons under alcohol and substances influence are restricted to enter the Arena.

5. Entry can be restricted to persons that would violate order, safety and cleanliness of STEEL ARÉNA and conduct of which is contrary to moral and social principles.

6. Entry in STEEL ARÉNA with pets is forbidden.

7. Safety checks are made at the entry. In reasonable cases, the checks will be made inside the STEEL ARÉNA. Visitors are obliged to accept the checks, refusal to do it can result in avoided entry.

8. Visitor who violates provisions of the
Visitors´ Order despite of warning or doesn´t obey instructions of responsible STEEL ARÉNA employees, can be  guided out of the Arena without ticket price return.

9. In extreme case and based on offence nature, STEEL ARÉNA administrator can ask security service member or competent Police Corps for action.

10. Visitors are obliged to conduct within STEEL ARÉNA in a manner that will not damage or otherwise deteriorate STEEL ARÉNA property and equipment.

11. All employees will be obliged to indemnify for damages and losses caused by them both at the Arena equipment and other persons´ property.

12. Visitors are obliged to keep cleanliness and order within STEEL ARÉNA premises with strict smoking prohibition in all STEEL ARÉNA premises! 

13. Visitors are strictly forbidden to bring any beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) in the object, as well as food; to use alcoholic beverages and other narcotic substances.

14. Throwing any objects into the Ice Rink or production area is restricted during sport, social, cultural and other events as well as out of any event time.   

15. Storage of bikes, small motorcycles or other transport means in STEEL ARÉNA premises is forbidden.

16. Move within STEEL ARÉNA premises only through selected routes.

17. In case of injury, affected visitor shall seek treatment and medical aid in the First Aid Room.

18. Visitor that finds any objects within STEEL ARÉNA premises is obliged to deliver them at the gatehouse or at person on duty who will secure these objects and handover to the owner.

19. Use of entertainment pyrotechnics and objects that could endanger other visitors´ health or damage interior equipment is forbidden.

20. Making photos and film within the object premises is forbidden without prior approval of STEEL ARÉNA administrator.

21. Visitor agrees that all photos, films or video-records made by him/her during an event or in relation thereto y any technical method can be broadcasted inside the STEEL ARÉNA without compensation claims.

22. STEEL ARENA will not be responsible for damages, injuries caused by carelessness or failed observance of the Visitors´ Order as well as instructions of responsible employees.

23 . All damages caused by inappropriate conduct of visitors (failed observance of provisions included in the Visitors´ Order) will be claimed in compliance with valid SR regulations.

24. Provisions of the Visitors´ Order apply to entire STEEL ARENA object including parking lots and other objects belonging to STEEL ARÉNA.


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