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STEEL ARÉNA, in collaboration with HOTEL ARÉNA, Ltd. offers a rental of the playing surface for firms, organizations and companies for the option of organizing congresses, annual meetings, balls etc. Rent is determined
by agreement and exact specifications with
the business partner.

VSE Holding company event

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On the playing surface

We are able to provide rental of the playing surface throughout the year. STEEL ARÉNA, in cooperation with Omnipack, Ltd. uses special ICE COVERTAN SYSTEMS insulation to cover the surface of the ice ring.

STEEL ARÉNA became the only stadium in Slovakia, which owns this system.

Extent of the surface: 1800 m2

In the restaurant

STEEL ARÉNA, in collaboration with HOTEL ARÉNA, Ltd. is offering to rent a restaurant (located on the south side) with its own bar
for legal entities and individuals with
the possibility of organizing company parties, business meetings, banquets and other social events. The price of rent is determined after an agreement with the business partner.
Extent of the restaurant: 440 m2

Culinary and catering services in STEEL ARÉNA provided by the company:


Anna Gáboríková
 +421 910 106 029

Košická aréna

Nerudova 12
040 01 Košice

Company ID: 35556501
VAT ID: SK 2021839941


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