Vojnu policajtov

Culture 1/27/2024 STEEL ARENA 6:00 PM

The biggest film premiere in Slovakia: War of the police with the participation of actors and creators!

Personalities of Slovak cinematography came together to give a joint testimony about how closely the Slovak police and SIS were connected with the mafia in the east of Slovakia in the 1990s. A testament to how little a policeman's life was worth and how impossible it was to justly punish those who committed crimes. The exclusive premiere of the new political thriller will take place on January 27 at 6 p.m. in the Steel Arena in Košice with the participation of actors and creators.

Meet & Greet ticket €99.90 includes: entrance through a special entrance, meeting with the protagonists of the film, entrance to the reception after the screening - refreshments.

It is necessary to learn from history. So that her bitter taste does not repeat itself. That is why it is important to constantly remember our history. Slovak. Often not that far. To know exactly what we no longer want. Producer and director Rudolf Biermann and his team present the new political thriller War of the Police. The screenplay by Arpád Soltész is equally urgent.

Festive premiere on the big screen especially for the East
Already today you can buy tickets for the premiere in Košice, which will take place in the very unusual Steel Arena. The movie experience will be enhanced by the presence of the audience - people, many of whom remember the 90s very well, but also younger people who only know them from their parents' stories.
In the 1990s in Košice, for example, a car exploded on the street where he lived. It also happened to Alexandr Bárta, the film's protagonist, who grew up in Košice. The fact that the people of Košice and Prešov are deeply touched by the film is also evidenced by the fact that a large number of easterners signed up to play in the extras, of which approx. 350 will also appear in the film in real life. It is also because of them and all the Easterners who are most affected by the film's story that the creators decided to hold the premiere in the metropolis of the East, in a large multifunctional hall, on a big screen and in the presence of the actors and creators, with whom an autograph session will be organized before the screening.

David against Goliath
That's probably how you could describe the fight led by Captain Miky Miko (Alexander Bárta), who skillfully moves on the edge of the law in the wild atmosphere of the East Slovak underworld in the early 90s. Local mafia gangs covered by secret agreements with the SIS, businessmen and the local police live in a fragile symbiosis here - generously rewarded for turning a blind eye to crimes.
The environment shaped Mika in such a way that he does not trust anyone. But when the "disobedient" partner Igor Molnár (Juraj Loj) is assigned to the system, he discovers that they are similar in many ways. They are part of the mechanism they want to change, because they are tired of catching criminals who will be released the next day - even with incriminating evidence.
However, the reaction of the compromised system will not take long...

Impressive acting
The political thriller War of the Police will offer quality performances by actors such as Alexander Bárta, Juraj Loj, Róbert Jakab, Marián Mitaš, Anežka Petrová, Broňa Kováčiková, Ady Hajdu, Dušan Cinkota and others. The main negative role of the gangster Berci was played brilliantly by the musician Patrik Rytmus Vrbovský.
The premiere will take place with the personal participation of the actors and creators.

The film is accessible from the age of 18.

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